Content Operations

Scaling Great Work

How does a piece of content get published at your company? Can you describe the process? Can you visualize it and communicate it to others? Does everyone agree on the same process? Alex Birkett and David Baum discuss the problem of scaling great content and the challenges in content operations.

Updated on May 13, 20241 minute read
Written byDavid Baum

The Long Game Podcast

Grab a coffee and sit back as co-founder of Omniscient Digital Alex Birkett and Relato co-founder and CEO David Baum discuss the Content Ops Challenge, Scaling Great Work, Saving the Internet, and the Risks of SEO-Only Content in the latest episode of The Long Game podcast.

Key takeaways

The episode covers a lot of ground. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Content Ops needs better tools to match how teams now work and manage content.
  • Current content ops are often scattered and inefficient due to the lack of comprehensive platforms.
  • A divide exists between content managers and writers, each facing unique challenges.
  • Focusing solely on SEO for content marketing is risky and requires significant resources.
  • It's vital to maintain the human element online as AI risks overshadowing human creativity.
  • We should aim for more unexpected discoveries and less reliance on algorithms in content delivery.
  • Finding new content remains difficult with the current algorithm limitations.

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