Content operations for B2B marketing 

The easiest way to manage and scale content operations for marketing teams, freelancers and agencies.

Who is Relato for?Whether you are a content manager, freelance writer or at an agency, Relato is for you.

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Team management that makes sense for content leads

  • Track all projects and tasks from one workspace
  • Share guideline, templates and assets with teammates, agencies and freelancers
  • Multiplayer built-in with custom roles and access
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One place to manage content projects for freelance writers

  • Manage your briefs, drafts and processes in one user-friendly tool
  • Manage deadlines and automate planning to save time and stay on track
  • Automate routine tasks, centralize information and focus on high-impact activities
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Customizable client workflows for agencies

  • Personalize processes with client-specific workspaces, roles and permissions
  • Connect briefs, outlines, drafts and reviews in a coherent workflow
  • End version history chaos. Track and manage feedback and revisions directly

Content in motionThe Relato Blog

Cover image for blog post "Maximizing Impact with Less: The New Approach to B2B Content"
Content Operations May 3, 2024

Freelancers and agencies have become integral to content teams, offering the flexibility and efficiency that in-house staff can't match. It’s about keeping control over costs while being able to scale up or down as needed. The challenge? Balancing the need for quality content with strategic goals in a predominantly remote work environment.

Relato is for you

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